how to make Fries in the Oven



Using this method you will use 98% Less oil. Pictures are included to show how it’s made from beginning to end.

Prepare Time: 8 minutes   Cook Time: 25-30 minutes.

1 Plate
2 Potatoes
1 Tsp Sea Salt
4 Tsp of Olive oil
1/4 Tsp Cayenne pepper
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
1/2 Tsp of Garlic powder
1 sheet of foil

Wash, Peel and cut 2 potatoes into the shape of fries and place it on a plate.
Add the salt, olive oil, cayenne pepper, black pepper and garlic on the potatoes. Mix all the ingredients well.
Preheat  the oven/ toaster to 425 degrees.
Place a layer of foil in the oven/toaster and place each strip of potatoes on it.
After 15 minutes of cooking time turn the potatoes individually in the oven/toaster , this will allow it to cook evenly. 10-15 minutes later you will have your very own homemade fries will be ready.




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